Sashikanth Chandrasekaran

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Cache Fusion TM is a fundamental component of Oracle's Real Application Cluster configuration, a shared-cache clustered-database architecture that transparently extends database applications from single systems to multi-node shared-disk clusters. In classic shared-disk implementations, the disk is the medium for data sharing and data blocks are shipped(More)
A key tool of computer architects is computer simulation at the level of detail that can execute program executables. The time and memory requirements of such simulations can be enormous, especially when the machine under design-the target-is a parallel machine. Thus, it is attractive to use parallel simulation, as successfully demonstrated by the Wisconsin(More)
The objective of the work is to propose a context based formal language model of fault tolerant public transport system in pervasive environment. The system is modeled on the basis of context sensitiveness built inside the system to assist the decision making not only to identify the failed components but also to determine the alternate solutions to(More)
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