Sasha Pachev

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Linked In is among the largest social networking sites in the world. As the company has grown, our core data sets and request processing requirements have grown as well. In this paper, we describe a few selected data infrastructure projects at Linked In that have helped us accommodate this increasing scale. Most of those projects build on existing open(More)
A modified cytochemical technique was employed to investigate the unspecific acid naphthylacetate esterase of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of a total of 64 clinically normal cows, having negative serologic and hematologic reaction for leukosis and of 42 cows with severalfold, well-manifested positive serologic response for the presence of the bovine(More)
Isolated were a total of 33 Streptococcus strains during two enzootics in adult and young chickens. Their cultural, morphologic, and biochemical aspects were studied in order to elucidate the biotype to which they belonged. Taking into consideration their capacity to ferment trehalose and the fact that they failed to ferment sorbite along with their(More)
Investigations were carried out using RPHA on 5299 blood serums, originating from 235 hen flocks vaccinated in four ways: Flox and orally with the vaccine strain La Sotta, intramusculary with Komarov's vaccine strain and by aerosol using the strains La Sotta and Komarov. Two hundred and eleven blood serums originating from 12 flocks, in which fowl pest was(More)
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