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Male rats of the Sherman strain were fed for 2 weeks a diet ofgrohnd purina rat chow containing 0.04 per cent thioacetamide. Animals were injected intraperitoneally with tritiated cytidine, 200#c/100 gm body weight, and sacrificed in pairs, a control and a thioacetamide-treated rat, at prescribed intervals. Liver tissues were preserved with the(More)
Although the testis in teleosts has been investigated for many years, little attention has been paid to the structure of the outer layers that enclose the testis and to their possible contributions to its organization. The present study in a protogynous male labrid, Thalassoma bifasciatum (bluehead wrasse), describes the arrangement and cytology of these(More)
A histochemical analysis involving tinctorial and solubility tests was pursued in conjunction with electron microscopy for the purpose of identifying the dark brown epidermal pigment of a barnacle (Balanus eburneus) as melanin and/or ommochrome. Histochemically, comparisons were made with other brown pigments located in the subcarapal epidermis of another(More)
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