Sasha Ivkovic

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MOTIVATION The increasing use of DNA microarray-based tumor gene expression profiles for cancer diagnosis requires mathematical methods with high accuracy for solving clustering, feature selection and classification problems of gene expression data. RESULTS New algorithms are developed for solving clustering, feature selection and classification problems(More)
Knowledge discovery from databases (KDD) exercises in law have typically attempted to derive knowledge about decision making processes in the legal domain automatically from datasets. This is made difficult in that real data that represents aspects of a decision process in law is commonly stored as text and rarely stored in structured databases. The central(More)
The problem with detecting adverse drug reactions (ADRs) from drugs is that they may not be obvious until long after they are widely prescribed. Part of the problem is these events are rare. This work describes an approach to signal detection of ADRs based on association rules (AR) in Australian drug safety data. This work was carried out using the(More)
We demonstrate the use of a visual data-mining tool for non-technical domain experts within organizations to facilitate the extraction of meaningful information and knowledge from in-house databases. The tool is mainly based on the basic notion of grouping association rules. Association rules are useful in discovering items that are frequently found(More)
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