Sasha Hoshian

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Superhydrophobic surfaces without low surface-energy (hydrophobic) modification such as silanization or (fluoro)polymer coatings are crucial for water-repellent applications that need to survive under harsh UV or IR exposures and mechanical abrasion. In this work, robust low-hysteresis superhydrophobic surfaces are demonstrated using a novel hierarchical(More)
Fast photoswitching of wetting properties is important for the development of micro/nanofluidic systems and lab-on-a-chip devices. Here, we show how structuring the surface amplifies photoswitching properties. Atomic layer-deposited titanium dioxide (TiO2) has phototunable hydrophilic properties due to its surface chemistry, but microscale overhang pillars(More)
The non-stick properties of thin-film coatings on dental-restorative instruments were investigated by static contact-angle measurement using dental filler resin as well as by scanning electron microscopy of the amount of sticking dental restorative material. Furthermore, using a customized dipping measurement set-up, non-stick properties were evaluated by(More)
We introduce a non-lithographical and vacuum-free method to pattern silicon. The method combines inkjet printing and metal assisted chemical etching (MaCE); we call this method “INKMAC”. A commercial silver ink is printed on top of a silicon surface to create the catalytic patterns for MaCE. The MaCE process leaves behind a set of silicon nanowires in the(More)
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