Sasha Dekleva

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Wireless technologies in the last decade or so have attracted unprecedented attention from wireless service providers, developers, vendors, and users. The breathtaking evolution of wireless technologies, services and business applications has resulted in a wide-scale deployment and usage of wireless and mobile networks. The paper discusses mobile and(More)
This paper is a summary of a 2007 Association for Information Systems Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) panel discussion regarding current mobile wireless issues and technologies. The invited panelists are four faculty members specializing in information systems from the United States. The covered topics included cell phone TV and(More)
Traditional accounting techniques such as return on investment and net present value are often used when deciding investments in information technology. We examined both academic and trade literature to determine the utility of such techniques and to recognize alternatives. Findings reveal that this survey is needed and is important for information systems(More)
Recent development of wireless technologies, networking infrastructure, and mobile devices has contributed to the rapid growth of mobile commerce (m-commerce). While e-commerce continues to impact the global business environment, the focus has been directed towards wireless mobile computing. Given this trend, telecommunications is perhaps the key to all(More)