Sasha Cole

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An experiment in which 150 proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation were evaluated independently by a new set of reviewers indicates that getting a research grant depends to a significant extent on chance. The degree of disagreement within the population of eligible reviewers is such that whether or not a proposal is funded depends in a large(More)
An ecological approach based on food distribution suggests that humming birds should more easily learn to visit a flower in a new location than to learn to return to a flower in a position just visited, for a food reward. Experimental results support this hypothesis as well as the general view that differences in learning within and among species represent(More)
  • S C Cole
  • 1988
Natural head position and natural head posture are terms which have been used synonymously to describe the spatial relationships of the head with reference to the true vertical, the cervical column, or both. This is confusing, and it would seem logical to ascribe one term to one reference and consider the phenomena separately. For the purposes of this(More)
This paper investigates the patterns of corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&As) involving firms located in the EU25 as well as in the four EFTA countries between 1998 and 2003. It first uncovers the 'cross-border balance' of M&As across European states, before identifying, through quantitative multiple regression analysis and insights from qualitative,(More)
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