Sascha Van Cauwelaert

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Ensuring responsive design of web applications requires their user interfaces to be able to adapt according to different contexts of use, which subsume the end users, the devices and platforms used to carry out the interactive tasks, and also the environment in which they occur. To address the challenges posed by responsive design, aiming to simplify their(More)
Constraint programming (CP) has been used for several decades in music composition and analysis. It has served as the underlying technology of different tools that allow composers to compute with musical abstractions (e.g., notes, scores). However, the traditional domains used in musical CP, namely finite domains (integers) and finite sets (integer sets),(More)
In Operation Research, practical evaluation is essential to validate the efficacy of optimization approaches. This paper promotes the usage of performance profiles as a standard practice to visualize and analyze experimental results. It introduces a Web tool to construct and export performance profiles as SVG or HTML files. In addition, the application(More)
This paper studies a family of optimization problems where a set of items, each requiring a possibly different amount of resource, must be assigned to different slots for which the price of the resource can vary. The objective is then to assign items such that the overall resource cost is minimized. Such problems arise commonly in domains such as production(More)
Relations are fundamental structures for knowledge representation. Relational queries are used to extract information from associated relations in databases. We propose to include relations in constraint programming (CP) as decision variables and promoting relational operations to constraints. That leads to new possibilities for modeling and solving CSPs.(More)
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