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For six forms of endogenous psychosis, causal agencies were sought to establish endogenous, physical, and mental provocation. Endocrine causes were found most frequently, 17.5%, in mixed bipolar disorders, followed by cycloid psychoses, 8.5%, which in this respect appear to be closer to the mixed bipolar psychoses, than the unipolar forms at 4.4%. Among the(More)
It is reported on som difficulties arising an attempt to trace former children whom we wanted to follow-up. On the one hand there were individuals who had been treated in childhood in our hospital many years ago, on the other hand some individuals concerned had been cared in a long stay-nursery during their first years of life. Furthermore, we traced adult(More)
604 cases were examined, 309 of which were systematic schizophrenics, 191 were unsystematic schizophrenics and 104 cycloid psychotics. With the systematic schizophrenics the average period spent in hospital amounted to 16.9 years, with the unsystematic schizophrenics 13.8 years, with the cycloid psychotics 8.2 years. The systematic schizophrenics were(More)
The frequently published opinion that endogenous psychoses in monozygotic twins often show a marked lack of similarity could not be confirmed by the results of studies performed by the author and his associates. In general, differenting diagnosis allows the particular syndrome, on which the establishment of the respective diagnosis is based, to be nearly(More)
136 Kranke mit cycloiden Psychosen zeigten häufig Temperamente, welche die eigentliche Krankheit andeuten: Bei der Motilitätspsychose überwiegt ein Bewegungstemperament mit einer auffallend lebhaften oder andererseits auffallend armen Psychomotorik, bei der Verwirrtheitspsychose ein Denktemperament im Sinne eines abschweifenden oder umgekehrt eines(More)
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