Sascha Schneider

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To evaluate the accuracy of ultrasound regarding the axilla using a 3.5 mHz linear probe, a retrospective study was conducted including 115 cases of breast cancer. The clinical examination was more sensitive than echography (68% vs 56%), but not significantly. The ultrasound presented a higher specificity (89% vs 68% P less than 0.05). The positive(More)
A retrospective clinical–radiological study to evaluate the long-term outcome after artificial disc replacement was performed. The objective is to investigate long-term results after implantation of a modular type artificial disc prosthesis in patients with degenerative disc disease (DDD). Total disc replacement (TDR) is a surgical procedure intended to(More)
AIM Evaluation of the efficacy of a dynamic stabilizing system for different indications using medium-term clinical and radiological parameters. METHODS Out of a total of 70 evaluated patients, 35 showed initial disc degeneration and disc herniation (group 1). In this group, additional nucleotomy was performed. Group 2 included 22 patients with initial(More)
Since the field of educational videogames or serious games is not limited to games that are specifically designed for educational purposes, videogames such as Minecraft have aroused the attention of teachers and researchers alike. To gain insights into the applicability of Minecraft, we reviewed the literature on use of the game in education and(More)
STUDY DESIGN We report the long-term outcome after mono-segmental and bisegmental fusions at the lumbar L4-S1 region of the spine. OBJECTIVE Long-term clinical and radiologic outcome measures were used to determine a lumbar fusion's contribution to degenerative changes in adjacent motion segments (ASD). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The role of low lumbar(More)
STUDY DESIGN Clinical and radiologic study evaluating the outcome after nucleotomy with dynamic stabilization compared with nucleotomy alone. OBJECTIVES To investigate the effect of dynamic stabilization on the progression of segmental degeneration after nucleotomy. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Nucleotomy as treatment for lumbar disc prolapse in(More)
Competition with other players or with the game itself is one of the basic elements of videogames, but the fine balance between increased mental effort and potential motivational benefits has to be addressed. A quantitative experiment was conducted to verify if social competition increases cognitive load, engagement, interest, and subsequently learning. The(More)
We present a new generic progressive data format and framework for CFD-data, which is specialized for scientific data simulation: The progressive grids. While using arbitrary types of cells and partitioning schemes, simulation data can be stored progressively. Hierachically arranged by its level of detail, the data can be adapted efficiently to many systems(More)