Sascha Sauer

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Understanding the links between genetic, epigenetic and non-genetic factors throughout the lifespan and across generations and their role in disease susceptibility and disease progression offer entirely new avenues and solutions to major problems in our society. To overcome the numerous challenges, we have come up with nine major conclusions to set the(More)
UNLABELLED We introduce PHOXTRACK (PHOsphosite-X-TRacing Analysis of Causal Kinases), a user-friendly freely available software tool for analyzing large datasets of post-translational modifications of proteins, such as phosphorylation, which are commonly gained by mass spectrometry detection. In contrast to other currently applied data analysis approaches,(More)
Changing business requirements such as providing new business services lead to an ongoing need for fast and flexible adaptation of the underlying information systems and infrastructure. Thus integration is a recurring task to realize complex e-business processes. This paper outlines a concept for a model-driven framework for process based integration in the(More)
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