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Estimation of Average Treatment Effects Based on Propensity Scores
In this paper, we give a short overview of some propensity score matching estimators suggested in the evaluation literature, and we provide a set of Stata programs, which we illustrate using theExpand
Was Weber Wrong? A Human Capital Theory of Protestant Economic History
Max Weber attributed the higher economic prosperity of Protestantregions to a Protestant work ethic. We provide an alternative theory: Protestant economies prospered because instruction in readingExpand
Sensitivity Analysis for Average Treatment Effects
Based on the conditional independence or unconfoundedness assumption, matching has become a popular approach to estimate average treatment effects. Checking the sensitivity of the estimated resultsExpand
The Empire is Dead, Long Live the Empire! Long�?Run Persistence of Trust and Corruption in the Bureaucracy
Do empires affect attitudes towards the state long after their demise? We hypothesize that the Habsburg Empire with its localized and well-respected administration increased citizens’ trust in localExpand
Who Voted for Brexit? A Comprehensive District-Level Analysis
On 23 June 2016, the British electorate voted to leave the European Union. We analyse vote and turnout shares across 380 local authority areas in the United Kingdom. We find that exposure to the EUExpand
Going NUTS: The Effect of EU Structural Funds on Regional Performance
The European Union (EU) provides grants to disadvantaged regions of member states to allow them to catch up with the EU average. Under the Objective 1 scheme, NUTS2 regions with a per capita GDPExpand
Endogenous product versus process innovation and a firm’s propensity to export
This article provides an empirical analysis of the effects of new product versus process innovations on export propensity at the firm level. Product innovation is a key factor for successful marketExpand
Absorptive Capacity and the Growth and Investment Effects of Regional Transfers: A Regression Discontinuity Design with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
Transfers to individuals, firms, and regions are often regulated by threshold rules, giving rise to a regression discontinuity design. An example are transfers provided by the European Commission toExpand
Location Choice and Employment Decisions: A Comparison of German and Swedish Multinationals
Using data on German and Swedish multinational enterprises (MNEs), this paper analyzes determinants of location choice and the degree of substitutability of labor across locations. Countries withExpand
Too Much of a Good Thing? On the Growth Effects of the EU's Regional Policy
The European Union (EU) provides grants to disadvantaged regions of member states from two pools, the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund. The main goal of the associated transfers is toExpand