Sascha Mitrovic

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To assess whether trace elements are involved in Parkinson's disease (PD) we have conducted a prospective study where 19 trace elements have been determined in serum collected from 33 patients before they were diagnosed with the disease, and 99 controls. As a follow-up, serum from 19 of the same patients collected 4-12 years after they were diagnosed with(More)
Conduction velocity (CV), relative twitch force (RTF) and contraction time (CT) of single muscle fibers (SF) and small muscle fiber bundles (FB) were measured at different states of isotonic contraction with double impulse stimuli at varying interstimulus intervals (ISI) from 0 to 1000 ms in the biceps brachii muscle in vivo. During an isotonic contraction,(More)
We describe a patient with isolated voluntary facial paresis due to a unilateral lacunar lesion in the contralateral mediodorsal middle base of the pons. Transcranial magnetic stimulation confirmed the involvement of supranuclear corticofacial tract fibers and sparing of the corticolingual and corticospinal connections. This observation demonstrates that(More)
Generalized granuloma annulare (GGA) is an uncommon cutaneous disease of unknown origin, characterized by numerous flesh-colored to erythematous papules with or without annular configuration. Clinical associations of GGA with diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases, malignancies, AIDS, and chronic hepatitis C virus infection have been reported. Therapy has been(More)
Since February 1990, 74 patients (116 studies) underwent scintigraphy with meta-[131I]iodobenzylguanidine ([131I]MIBG). Eighteen patients had pheochromocytomas, 2 paragangliomas, 2 malignant insulinomas, 1 carcinoid, 2 medullary thyroid carcinoma and 49 children had neuroblastomas. Scintigraphy was performed following a thyroid blockade, at 24 and 48 hours(More)
Whole-body scintigraphy with 131I-meta-iodo-benzylguanidine 131I-MIBG) was performed in 41 patients with neuroblastoma. In patients with clinical remission no pathological concentration of 131I-MIBG was found. In 30 patients with residual, recurrent or metastatic disease neuroblastoma was correctly localized by 131I-MIBG scintigraphy. It is concluded that(More)
INTRODUCTION Endometriosis is defined by the presence of functional endometrial tissue outside the uterus, where it is normally located. Endometriosis could has intra and extra pelvic localization. Abdominal endometriosis is the most common localization of extrapelvic endometriosis and is usually developed in the connective tissue surrounding the operation.(More)
Dynamic radionuclide sialography (DRS) provides data about the aptitude of salivary glands to accumulate the tracer and to secrete the saliva. Visual interpretation of the t/a curves may be onerous when salivary glands uptake function is impaired. The purpose of the study has been to quantify the ascorbic acid (AA) response by means of salivary excretion(More)