Sascha Gebhardt

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Pie menus are a well-known technique for interacting with 2D environments and so far a large body of research documents their usage and optimizations. Yet, comparatively little research has been done on the usability of pie menus in immersive virtual environments (IVEs). In this paper we reduce this gap by presenting an implementation and evaluation of an(More)
The growing amount of digital music content and the increasing connectivity of vehicles raise new challenges in terms of media access for vehicle drivers. Creating easily a personalized playlist in vehicles involves a unified representation of various metadata, combined with a mobile architecture addressing media resolution and aggregation issues. This(More)
The increasing amount of information available on the internet has raised a lot of challenges in terms of organization of knowledge. In the domain of music indexing, the multimedia research has produced valuable techniques to sort content and compute similarity measures based on different criteria from low-level features like acoustic properties to(More)
Virtual Reality (VR) has been an active field of research for several decades, with 3D interaction and 3D User Interfaces (UIs) as important sub-disciplines. However, the development of 3D interaction techniques and in particular combining several of them to construct complex and usable 3D UIs remains challenging, especially in a VR context. In addition,(More)
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