Sascha Böhme

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Sledgehammer is a component of Isabelle/HOL that employs resolution-based first-order automatic theorem provers (ATPs) to discharge goals arising in interactive proofs. It heuristically selects relevant facts and, if an ATP is successful, produces a snippet that replays the proof in Isabelle. We extended Sledgehammer to invoke satisfiability modulo theories(More)
Sledgehammer, a component of the interactive theorem prover Isabelle, finds proofs in higher-order logic by calling the automated provers for first-order logic E, SPASS and Vampire. This paper is the largest and most detailed empirical evaluation of such a link to date. Our test data consists of 1240 proof goals arising in 7 diverse Isabelle theories, thus(More)
The Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solver Z3 can generate proofs of unsatisfiability. We present independent reconstruction of unsatisfiability proofs for bit-vector theories in the theorem provers HOL4 and Isabelle/HOL. Our work shows that LCF-style proof reconstruction for the theory of fixed-size bit-vectors, although difficult because Z3’s proofs(More)
Most automatic theorem provers are restricted to untyped or monomorphic logics, and existing translations from polymorphic logics are bulky or unsound. Recent research shows how to exploit monotonicity to encode ground types efficiently: monotonic types can be safely erased, while nonmonotonic types must generally be encoded. We extend this work to rank-1(More)
Currently, only a few Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solvers are able to produce proof objects, although there is a strong incentive: Proof objects can be reconstructed in a different system to the check soundness of an SMT solver. We present proof reconstruction for the SMT solver Z3 in Isabelle/HOL and give experimental results of its application.
Boogie is a verification condition generator for an imperative core language. It has front-ends for the programming languages C# and C enriched by annotations in first-order logic, i.e. pre- and postconditions, assertions, and loop invariants. Moreover, concepts like ghost fields, ghost variables, ghost code and specification functions have been introduced(More)
Sledgehammer is a component of the Isabelle/HOL proof assistant that integrates external automatic theorem provers (ATPs) to discharge interactive proof obligations. As a safeguard against bugs, the proofs found by the external provers are reconstructed in Isabelle. Reconstructing complex arguments involves translating them to Isabelle’s Isar format,(More)
Automatic provers that can produce proof certificates do not need to be trusted. The certificate can be checked by an independent tool, for example an LCF-style proof assistant such as Isabelle/ HOL or HOL4. Currently, the design of proof formats is mostly dictated by internal constraints of automatic provers and less guided by applications such as checking(More)