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Physical transmission rights present so many complications for a restructured electricity market that some other approach is required. With a standard market design centered on a bid-based, security-constrained, economic dispatch with locational prices, the natural approach is to define financial transmission rights that offer payments based on prices in(More)
DESPITE THE OVERWHELMING satisfaction utilities report in implementing pioneer expert systems in energy-management systems, the number of actual implementations of such systems in control centers remains quite small compared to the number of systems successfully demonstrated in prototype form. 1–3 This discrepancy suggests that utilities have unanswered(More)
This article is the fourth in a series based on the IEEE PES Power System Basics for Business Professionals tutorial. The article provides a summary of the presentation given in the course on power system operations, building on the foundation provided by the "Electricity Basics" portion of the course. Simulation software is used throughout the article to(More)
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