Sasa V. Rakovic

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Linear matrix inequality (LMI) based optimization methods are applied to the problem of designing a model predictive controller for an uncertain constrained linear system. The control signal is specified in terms of both feedback and feedforward components, where the feedback is designed to maintain the state within a prescribed ellipse in the presence of(More)
This paper provides results on approximating the minimal robust positively invariant (mRPI) set (also known as the 0-reachable set) of an asymptotically stable discrete-time linear time-invariant system. It is assumed that the disturbance is bounded, persistent and acts additively on the state and that the constraints on the disturbance are polyhedral.(More)
This paper provides a solution to the problem of robust output feedback model predictive control of constrained, linear, discrete-time systems in the presence of bounded state and output disturbances. The proposed output feedback controller consists of a simple, stable Luenberger state estimator and a recently developed, robustly stabilizing, tube-based,(More)
Finite horizon optimal control of piecewise affine systems with a piecewise affine (1-norm or ∞-norm) stage cost and terminal cost is considered. Provided the respective constraint sets are given as the unions of polyhedra, it is shown that the partial value functions and partial optimal control laws are piecewise affine on a polyhedral cover of the set of(More)
This paper presents new results that allow one to compute the set of states that can be robustly steered in a finite number of steps, via state feedback control, to a given target set. The assumptions that are made in this paper are that the system is discrete-time, nonlinear and time-invariant and subject to mixed constraints on the state and input. A(More)