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—We present the design, fabrication, and results from the first monolithically integrated optical phase-locked loop (OPLL) photonic integrated circuit (PIC) suitable for a variety of homodyne and offset phase locking applications. This InP-based PIC contains two sampled-grating distributed reflector (SG-DBR) lasers, semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs),(More)
—We demonstrate a novel photonic integrated circuit(PIC) that combines an ultra compact trench beam splitter with monolithically integrated detectors and modulators. A coherent receiver is realized by flip chip bonding of this PIC with an electronic integrated circuit(EIC). Preliminary system results yield an IMD3 distortion suppression of 46dB at a signal(More)
—We present the design, fabrication, and test results for ultra-compact 3-dB frustrated total internal reflection-based trench couplers in an InP/InGaAsP monolithic integration platform. The trench coupler is integrated with phase modulators and a balanced photodiode (BPD) pair to enable a 180-hybrid ultra-compact coherent receiver. Several trench splitter(More)
Significant enhancement in the direct amplitude modulation bandwidth of an SG-DBR laser has been demonstrated under strong injection-locking conditions, where the wavelength detuning between the master and the free-running SG-DBR slave laser is varied from 28.58 to 13.6 nm. It is demonstrated that the relaxation resonance frequency of a strongly(More)
— The optical phase locked loop (OPLL) photonic integrated circuit (PIC) is a key element for the emerging linear coherent RF-photonic links. One of the main challenges for the OPLL-PIC is the nonlinearity of the Indium Phosphide (InP)-based phase modulator. In this paper, we report the experimental results from a multi-quantum well phase modulator(More)
—We demonstrate proof-of-concept heterodyne locking of the first optical phase-locked loop photonic integrated circuit. The circuit contains two sampled-grating distributed reflector lasers monolithically integrated with optical amplifiers, multimode interference splitters/couplers, and high-speed modulators and photodetectors.
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