Sasa Nikolic

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A photoprotective formulation was developed with an increased sunprotection factor (SPF), compared to a conventional nanoemulsion, but having the same concentration of three molecular sunscreens, namely ethylhexyl triazone, bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine, and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate. The sunscreen mixture was incorporated into(More)
Most of the methods for video summarization relay on complicated clustering algorithms that makes them too computationaly complex for real time applications. In this paper we propose an efficient approach for video summary generation that does not relay on complex clustering algorithms and does not require frame length as a parameter. Our method combines(More)
It is well known that fuzzy logic can be used in the control of complex systems described by highly nonlinear mathematical models. However, the main difficulty in the design of a fuzzy controller comes with the adjustment of the controller’s parameters that are usually determined by human experts’ knowledge or trial and error methods. In this paper, we(More)
The potential use of nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC) composed of a fatty acid [stearic acid (SA)] or a triglyceride (glyceryl behenate) as solid lipids, and a mixture of medium chain triglycerides and castor oil as liquid lipids, for skin administration of flurbiprofen (FB), has been explored. Two different optimized NLC formulations (FB-SANLC based on(More)
Flurbiprofen (FB)-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) based on Compritol®888 ATO (C888; FB-C888NLC) were developed for anti-inflammatory ocular therapy. NLCs prepared by high-pressure homogenization technique following a factorial design had low particle size (<199 nm), high entrapment efficiency (∼90%), and long-term physical stability. Previously(More)
In this paper we define a new class of the almost orthogonal filters. These filters are a generalization of the classical orthogonal filters commonly used in the circuit theory, control system theory, signal processing and process identification. Almost orthogonal filters generate the series of almost orthogonal Legendre functions on the interval (0, ∞).(More)
The paper presents the design of discrete-time quasi-sliding mode voltage controller for DC-DC buck converter. The control algorithm is realized by measuring only sensed output voltage. No current measurements and time derivatives of output voltage are necessary. The proposed quasi-sliding mode controller provides stable output voltage, exhibiting(More)
This paper investigates possibilities for application of Kernel based Extreme Learning Machines (K-ELM) to the problem of multiclass image classification. It is combined with Local Binary Pattern (LBP) image descriptor, to reach highly accurate results. LBP is widely used global image descriptor characterized by compactness and robustness to illumination(More)
A new control method is presented in this paper. The control employs a variant of fuzzy sliding mode, optimized by a genetic algorithm. Proposed controller has many advantages, such as satisfactory control performance under a wide range of operating conditions and parameter variations, a faster response than conventional controllers, suppressed chattering(More)