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Existing biomedical wavelet based applications exceed the computational, memory and consumption resources of low-complexity embedded systems. In order to make such systems capable to use wavelet transforms, optimization and implementation techniques are proposed. The Real Time QRS Detector and " De-noising " Filter are developed and implemented in 16-bit(More)
This paper proposes an on-line system for feature extraction from ECG signal. The QRS detector, RR interval calculator, heart rate calculator and additional modules are developed in VHDL code and embedded in a single FPGA chip. The overall design has a low hardware occupation, 1838 LEs, and minimal number of setting parameters, only two, sampling and clock(More)
The Wavelet Transform in its discrete form has been applied to a wide range of biomedical signals by now. Typically, its calculation is performed off-line and calculation systems suffer from limited autonomy, bulkiness and obtrusiveness. A surge in industrial, research and academic interest into telemedicine and medical embedded systems, has been noticed(More)
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