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The possible application of fuzzy sets theory in strategic management to the problem of portfolio matrices analysis, used for strategy alternative(s) formulation and selection is described. The values of membership functions of input variables into portfolio matrices are combined with diierent t-norms: (a) TM (x; y) = min(x; y); (b) TP(x; y) = xy; (c)(More)
Discovering knowledge from a waste amount of data has become a promising area nowadays, but at the same time it is a very intricate, uncertain and time consuming process. The complexity of a data collection, the oscillations in data quality and their impact on the discovery process, as well as the applicability of results, urge for an extensive research and(More)
The role of Web applications in corporate business has changed due to strong market competition and improved clients' negotiation power, imposing a new approach to their quality evaluation, in a sense that some analysis should be made prior to the implementation phase in order to reduce errors and inconsistencies in application design, while after the(More)
— Data preparation is crucial for the validity of the resulting data model and its subsequent successful application. The paper presents a preprocessing of the data on the behavior of students on social media sites using the CRISP-DM methodology. Data was collected through questioner shared among prospect students of Faculty of Economics Subotica. This has(More)
The goal of our research was to find an appropriate model to predict the number of passengers in public transport in order to transform the vast amount of raw data into information adequate for supporting the decision maker in resources planning and allocation of buses to existing bus lines. For this purpose, we applied and compared two different(More)
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