Sasa Aksentijevic

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The paper analyzes information security investments from both economic and financial points of view. Authors research special characteristics of information security investments and the difficulties which appear during the determination of input parameters of the economic analysis. Challenges in application of internal rate of return method are also(More)
The terms of logistic management in organizations and the use of information and telecommunication technologies in support of the management are inextricably intertwined. The fundamental benefit which business systems obtain by using logistics business information systems is the optimization of business processes. By using the logistics information systems(More)
Widespread implementation and ubiquitous beneficial impact of ICT technologies is often praised as a decisive factor demarcating the frontier between “old” (classical), and “new” models of digital economies. However, exact quantitative analysis of such impact on a micro and macro level shows some surprising results. No unique(More)
In this paper, the development of e-business in Croatia in the last decade has been researched, with special emphasis on legislation, organization and state influence, along with the influence of other relevant and potential stakeholders. The influence of Croatian inclusion into the European Union has been analyzed, both before and after the inclusion in(More)
Numerous stakeholders are involved in operations of modern Port Community Systems: container terminals, customs, border police, coast guard, government ministry in charge of sea traffic and infrastructure, seaport agents, port authorities etc. Traditionally, all of these entities use separate and heterogeneous business information systems. Integration of(More)
Companies belonging to offshore SMB ICT segment are subjected to various costs arising from several sources like legal compliance, alignment with best practice guidelines and standards, employee education, basic computer and network infrastructure security and cost of SaaS/cloud solutions. Furthermore, such companies usually have very limited financial(More)
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