Saryn R Levy

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Neuroleptics remain the mainstay for the treatment of behavioral disturbance and psychotic symptoms in demented patients. The limited available data suggest that low-dose neuroleptics are significantly more efficacious than placebo, though the magnitude of the effect is moderate in most published studies. Demented patients are particularly prone to(More)
In the present study, we assess the extent to which patient personality features and prototypes are associated with early treatment therapist-rated alliance. The study sample consisted of 94 patients receiving psychodynamic psychotherapy at an outpatient clinic. Clinicians completed the Working Alliance Inventory (J Couns Psychol 36:223-233; Psychother Res(More)
The current study examines the relationship between therapist interpretations in the early stages of psychodynamic psychotherapy and subsequent outcomes for 76 outpatients. Pre-treatment characteristics of global symptomatology, personality pathology, insight, and level of object relations were examined as possible significant patient characteristics.(More)
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