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In this paper, a chaos-based spread spectrum watermarking algorithm is developed in the DCT domain for still image. The most important feature of chaos is its sensitivity to initial conditions. This characteristic makes chaos has been used successfully for secure watermarking and encryption. In our algorithm, we use logistic map to produce pseudo-random(More)
In this paper, we propose a new block cipher called BC2 (Block Cipher 2). We make a cipher using components that are believed secure. The structure of BC2 is very simple. We use Feistel network with input-output 128 bits, matrix Maximum Distance Separable (MDS) 8x8 with branch number 9 to give high diffusion, a function affine equivalent to the inverse(More)
Time-to-market pressure and productivity gap force vendors and researchers to improve embedded system design methodology. Current used design method, Register Transfer Level (RTL), is no longer be adequate to comply with embedded system design necessity. It needs a new methodology for facing the lack of RTL. In this paper, a new methodology of hardware(More)
Time-to-market pressure and productivity gap are two factors that encourage the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry and researcher of embedded system to enhanche embedded system design method. Current embedded system design approach, Register Transfer Level, is not sufficient to fulfill the embedded system design necessity. It needs a new design(More)
Information is an asset, such as important business assets, has value to an organization and consequently must be well protected. In organizations, information becomes an important and must remain available, and its existence should be maintained from unauthorized access. The use of information by unauthorized parties could be used for negative purposes(More)
The objective of information security is assuring the organization's goals instead of preserving information's confidentiality, integrity and availability. An information security management should be integrated with the overall organization's processes. Statistics Indonesia is a government agency which is accountable for providing official statistical(More)
MAM (Multi-mode Access Memory) is a memory that has characteristic of PSMU (Parallel Search and Multiple Update). This new type of memory is applied to LAPCAM (Linear Array of Processors with Content Addressable Memory) architecture for image processing. Using MAM, the global and regional type of image processing algorithms can be developed efficiently. MAM(More)
Electronic cash research has been done for at least 3 decades. On that period, there have been many researches resulting in various schemes and forms of electronic cash. This paper is reviewing some researches on that period and classify the research based on the basic science used in the research. A number of 43 papers is classified into 4 categories:(More)
ABSTRACT. This paper presents the architecture of the MFIBVP real-time multiplier which is ideal to be used in real-time system application. The MFIBVP technique is a combination of the MSB–First computation, the Interval-Bounded Arithmetic and the Variable-Precision computation techniques. The MFIBVP computation guarantees the computation carried out will(More)