Sarveshwaran Dhanasekar

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When crowdsourcing systems are used in combination with machine inference systems in the real world, they benefit the most when the machine system is deeply integrated with the crowd workers. However, if researchers wish to integrate the crowd with “off-the-shelf” machine classifiers, this deep integration is not always possible. This work explores two(More)
Bellman RE, Zadeh LA . 1970. Decision-making in a fuzzy environment, Manage. Sci. , 17: 141-164. Hannan EL 1981. Linear programming with multiple fuzzy goals. Fuzzy Sets Syst. , 6: 235-248 Hansen MP 2000. Use of substitute Scalarizing Functions to guide Local Search based Heuristics: The case of MOTSP, J. Heuristics, 6: 419-431 Jaszkiewicz A 2002. Genetic(More)
Ranking fuzzy numbers plays an important role in data analysis, decision making optimization, forecasting etc. The last few decades have seen a large number of methods investigated for ranking fuzzy numbers. In this paper, a new approach is proposed for the ranking of generalized trapezoidal fuzzy numbers namely Haar ranking and is based on the approximate(More)
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