Sarveshwar Sharma

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Dynamic light scattering from orientational order fluctuations in a liquid crystalline tetrapode reveals successive, weakly first-order isotropic to uniaxial and uniaxial to biaxial nematic phase transitions. The order parameter relaxation rates exhibit temperature dependences consistent with Landau-de Gennes mean field theory. Combined with previous(More)
An experimental study of the heat capacity, mass density, magnetic-field-induced optical birefringence, linewidth and intensity of scattered light, and the viscosities associated with nematic order parameter fluctuations and fluid flow has been performed on an achiral bent-core liquid crystal above its clearing point temperature. The measurements reveal a(More)
We have extended photon correlation spectroscopy down to a one-nanosecond time scale, and applied it to a study of layer undulations in freestanding smectic-A films of two cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals. Temporal correlations in the intensity of scattered light reveal an interesting combination of under- and overdamped modes. The underdamped mode is(More)
We have measured the scattering angle dependence of cross sections for ionization in p+H2 collisions for a fixed projectile energy loss. Depending on the projectile coherence, interference due to indistinguishable diffraction of the projectile from the two atomic centers was either present or absent in the data. This shows that, due to the fundamentals of(More)
Magnetic birefringence and dynamic light scattering measurements of orientational order parameter fluctuations at the isotropic-nematic phase transition of a bent-core liquid crystal reveal a pretransitional temperature dependence consistent with the standard Landau-deGennes mean field theory. However, as follows: the transition in the bent-core compound is(More)
Capacitively coupled plasma discharges that are driven by two frequencies have been of interest in recent years because the low frequency source can control the sheath voltage and the mean ion bombarding energy while the high frequency source can sustain the plasma and control the ion flux. Thus the independent control of ion energy and ion flux is the(More)
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