Sarvesh S. S. Rawat

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This paper presents a prototype for the monitoring of Heartbeat rate. A Heart Beat (HB) sensor is being developed for acquainting the input signals using Light Dependent Resistance (LDR) and Light Emitting Diode (LED). It senses the heartbeat of a person and converts it in the form of electrical signals and pulses. The signals are amplified using a signal(More)
Phishing is a common online weapon, used against users, by Phishers for acquiring a confidential information through deception. Since the inception of internet, nearly everything, ranging from money transaction to sharing information, is done online in most parts of the world. This has also given rise to malicious activities such as Phishing. Detecting(More)
The role of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is essential to the present scenario. Numerous independent sensors exist in a WSN that cover the entire terrain and have the task of inspecting a specific phenomenon. For this reason, the sensors must work with minimal constraints, such as least energy consumption and data memory. To achieve the objective, many(More)
The Electrical Grid Monitoring System deals with a number of complex variables and vague data. As a part of the grid monitoring system, various Energy Management Techniques (EMT) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems play an important role in improvising the sustainability, reliability and safety of the smart grid system. In this(More)
The paper aims to create a robotic hand having the capability of self drawing. The application of hand is to artificially evolve drawing patterns using the given function. It describes the implementations and theory of converting the visual information to depict into pictorial view. Inverse kinematics is a method used for pronouncing the same. A target is(More)
High-speed, accuracy, meticulousness and quick responses are the notion of the vital necessities for modern digital world. An efficient electronic circuit unswervingly affects the maneuver of the whole system. Different tools are required to unravel different types of engineering tribulations. Improving the efficiency, accuracy and low power consumption in(More)
Electrical measurement of quantities plays a crucial role in the real world. Measuring voltage is one of the main tasks for developing large number of applications. This paper is focused on design and development of digital voltmeter using different techniques. It has been shown how to develop a Digital Voltmeter (DVM) from simplest type to professional(More)
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