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OBJECTIVES Preclinical studies found that epidural motor cortex stimulation improved motor deficits after stroke, but a phase III trial in humans did not corroborate these results. The current retrospective analysis examined subjects randomized to stimulation in order to identify features distinguishing responders from nonresponders. METHODS Anatomic (MRI(More)
We examined the influence of rapid-rate transcranial magnetic stimulation on heart rate and blood pressure in 13 healthy volunteers. In a first series three different cortical magnetic stimuli were applied: over C3, C4 and Fz (10/20 system), in a second series additionally over Pz. We also used a stimulus over the brachial plexus and a sham stimulus. Five(More)
When healthy subjects undergo brain imaging, incidental findings are not rare. The optimal response to such findings has been the focus of considerable discussion. The current report describes the operations and results of a system that provides a review of incidental findings by an appropriate medical professional. A web-based system was created whereby(More)
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