Sarvar R. Abdullaev

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Business Intelligence (BI) Systems are today considered as a major strategic tool of many well-established companies like Lufthansa, TDC Telecom and AT&T. Of course, the knowledge derived from the experience of those companies could be helpful guide in building efficient BI Systems. Thus, this study highlights the main points arisen from the worldwide(More)
There are various web caching replacement algorithms related to reference characteristics of web objects were researched. They could be used in regard to user characteristics of caching environment. An aggravation of web object heterogeneity more frequently generates a replacement of a web object, but cannot reflect enough all kinds of characteristics of(More)
Because of the development of information technologies and extension of traditional commerce practices the importance of electronic commerce has been rapidly growing. A successful e-commerce system should provide convenient user interface, easy and efficient search engine, and complete product information that would satisfy users’ requests. In this(More)
Nowadays, while large-sized multimedia objects are becoming very popular throughout the Internet, one of the important issues appears to be the acceleration of content delivery network (CDN) performance. CDN is a web system that delivers the web cached objects to the client and accelerates the web performance. Therefore the performance factor for any CDN is(More)
M-commerce is one of the ways IT can significantly contribute to boosting economy of the developing countries. M-commerce project has a high potential in the developing countries and especially in the case of Uzbekistan because it is very novice concept and most importantly it will enable payment for online services via mobile, using reverse billing. In(More)
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