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T he relationship between investment in information technology (IT) and its effect on organizational performance continues to interest academics and practitioners. In many cases, due to the nature of the research design employed, this stream of research has been unable to identify the impact of individual technologies on organizational performance. This(More)
P ayoffs from information technology (IT) continue to generate interest and debate both among academicians and practitioners. The extant literature cites inadequate sample size, lack of process orientation, and analysis methods among the reasons some studies have shown mixed results in establishing a relationship between IT investment and firm performance.(More)
He received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. He has worked on several projects for companies examining the impact ofthe technological environment, just-in-time manufacturing, work teams, and perfonnance evaluation systems on manufacturing performance. He has also studied the impact of technology investments and technology usage in the health-care(More)
While the information technology (IT) literature is mixed regarding the direct benefits of eBusiness technologies on performance, the impact of such technologies on supply chain practices remains largely an unexplored area of research. We hypothesize that while there may be no direct benefit of eBusiness technologies on performance, these technologies might(More)
Worldwide spending on information technology (IT) in 2003-04 is estimated to grow in every major segment of the economy. 2 The US financial services sector , which accounts for a large part of US IT spending, is projected to increase spending by about 15% by 2005. 11% over the previous year, even though other spending had slowed. 4 These estimates of(More)