Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn

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An optical beam profiler is introduced that uses a two-dimensional (2-D) small-tilt micromirror device. Its key features include fast speed, digital control, low polarization sensitivity, and wavelength independence. The use of this 2-D multipixel device opens up the important possibility of realizing several beam profile measurement concepts, such as a(More)
In this article, a novel circuit, which can function both as quadrature oscillator and universal biquad filter (lowpass, highpass and bandpass functions) is introduced. The features of the circuit are that, working as quadrature oscillator, the oscillation condition and oscillation frequency can be adjusted independently with the input bias currents:(More)
This paper shows for the first time how a mobile device such as a smart cell phone and a tablet can be used to realize such a highly-sought-after high-resolution digital microscope. Demonstration based on a low-cost molded plastic convex lens combined with our design packaging style shows that a portable digital microscope can be easily implemented(More)
A digitally controlled multiwavelength variable fiber-optic attenuator using a two-dimensional digital micromirror device (DMD) is introduced. The results from an experimental four-wavelength (i.e., 1546.92, 1548.52, 1550.12, and 1551.72 nm) proof-of-concept attenuator indicate a 26-dB dynamic range and 11-bit resolution. The measured attenuator average(More)
A digitally controlled programmable optical beam shaper that uses a two-dimensional (2-D) small-tilt micromirror device is introduced. The optical intensity profile at any spatial position can be independently modified by use of a macropixel, incorporated with binary pulse-width modulation. An experimental proof-of-concept optical beam shaper with a(More)
A surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based optical touch sensor structure is proposed that provides high switch sensitivity and requires a weak activating force. Our proposed SPR-based optical touch sensor is arranged in a compact Kretschmann-Raether configuration in which the prism acting as our sensor head is coated with a metal nanofilm. Our optical-based(More)
The need of mobile microscope is escalating as well as the demand of high quality optical components in low price. We report here a novel needle moving technique to fabricate milli-size lens together with thermal assist moldless method. Our proposed protocol is able to create a high tensile strength structure of the lens and its base which is beneficial for(More)
Micromechanics-based wavelength-sensitive photonic delay and amplitude control modules are introduced for multiwavelength photonic applications such as hardware-compressed beam forming in phased-array antennas, timing-error compensation in high-speed long-haul fiber-optic communication networks, and pulse synchronization in photonic analog-to-digital(More)
This paper proposes and experimentally demonstrates for what is believed to be the first time a non-destructive two-dimensional ripeness level indication system for green fruits such as bananas and mangos. Our key approach is to simultaneously analyze two spectral images under white light and ultraviolet illuminations. Selected color ratios from these two(More)
A wavelength-sensitive three-port variable fiber-optic attenuator (VFOA) is introduced by incorporating the movable optical mirror with a fixed desired thin film filter. Experimental proof of concept using an off-the-shelf measured 1545.60 nm thin film filter and a mechanically movable mirror shows a low 0.47 dB optical loss, a low polarization dependent(More)