Sarun Intakosum

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We propose a new method, called closed multidimensional sequential pattern mining, for mining multidimensional sequential patterns. The new method is an integration of closed sequential pattern mining and closed itemset pattern mining. Based on this method, we show that (1) the number of complete closed multidimensional sequential patterns is not larger(More)
Design patterns are applied to solve the recurring software design problems. Unfortunately, choosing appropriate design patterns for the specific design problem is considered a difficult task. A search tool is, therefore, needed to supports selection. However, the existing design pattern searching methodologies generally have problems on keyword-search(More)
The use of multiple independent spanning trees (ISTs) for data broadcasting in networks provides a number of advantages, including the increase of fault-tolerance and bandwidth. Thus, the designs of multiple ISTs on several classes of networks have been widely investigated. Tang et al. [S.-M. Tang, Y.-L. Wang, Y.-H. Leu, Optimal independent spanning trees(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present a new size metric for business process measurement. This metric aims to measure size of process from use case description. The metric consists of four series to support four perspectives of business process: functional, behavioral, informational and organizational. In addition, the guidance for pointing to related use(More)
Design patterns are graceful solutions to specific software design problems. However, choosing proper design patterns for given software design problems might not be an easy task especially for novice developers. The design patterns searching tools are therefore needed to solve the problem. One major problem of the existing researches in this field is the(More)
Software developers currently find design patterns through search tools for solving software design problem. However, these search tools still have keyword-search problem. In this paper, we introduce the elementary idea to improve the design pattern retrieval tool. We propose the combination of Case Based Reasoning (CBR) and Formal Concept Analysis (FCA).(More)
XML documents allow document owners to create their documents in their own formats (element names and structure). The same information might be described in several ways. To find the similarity between XML documents which use different formats, one method is path similarity detection. The recently approach is PathSim. The previous approach can detect the(More)
Web Services have been widely adopted in business projects, and almost all Web Service developers agree that security factors are the principal components that must be taken into consideration. A large number of security metrics and measurements is available for specific business needs, and the best practice for different business demands is therefore(More)