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Image enhancement is one of the most important issues in low-level image processing. Mainly, enhancement methods can be classified into two classes: global and local methods. Various enhancement schemes are used for enhancing an image which includes gray scale manipulation, filtering and Histogram Equalization (HE). Histogram Equalization (HE) has proved to(More)
Let <i>B</i> be a basis of a Euclidean lattice, and B an approximation thereof. We give a sufficient condition on the closeness between B and <i>B</i> so that an LLL-reducing transformation <i>U</i> for B remains valid for <i>B</i>. Further, we analyse an efficient reduction algorithm when <i>B</i> is itself a small deformation of an LLL-reduced basis.(More)
A novel interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) has been synthesized through enzymatic initiation using lipase as initiator, glutaraldehyde as cross-linker, acrylic acid as primary monomer and acrylamide as secondary monomer. Biodegradability of synthesized interpenetrating polymer network was studied through soil burial and composting methods. Synthesized(More)
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