Sarthak Mandal

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In this manuscript, we have characterized two different micellar aggregates containing all nonvolatile components. We have shown (i) the effect of ethylammonium nitrate (EAN) addition on the(More)
Owing to their fascinating properties and wide range of potential applications, interest in nonaqueous microemulsions has escalated in the past decade. In the recent past, nonaqueous microemulsions(More)
The photoinduced electron transfer (PET) reaction has been investigated in a room temperature imidazolium ionic liquid (RTIL), 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium ethyl sulfate ([Emim][EtSO(4)]) and also in(More)
In this manuscript, we have modulated the photophysical properties of curcumin in a zwitterionic (N-hexadecyl-N,N-dimethylammonio-1-propanesulfonate (SB-16)) micellar aggregates with addition of room(More)
This work demonstrates the utilization of bile salt aggregates as a potential biological host system for studying the binding interactions and dynamics of the poorly-water-soluble drug curcumin by(More)
In this work we have investigated the anomalous behavior of DMSO-water binary mixtures using 2,2'-bipyridine-3,3'-diol (BP(OH)2) as a microenvironment-sensitive(More)