Sarrah Kaye

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Cephalopods are known for their ability to change camouflage body patterns in response to changes in the visual background. Recent research has used artificial substrates such as checkerboards to investigate some specific visual cues that elicit the various camouflaged patterns in cuttlefish. In this study, we took information from experiments on artificial(More)
Balanced receivers are under development at the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO) for the 230/460 GHz and 345/660 GHz atmospheric windows. The mixers are tunerless, implemented in a balanced configuration, have a 4-8 GHz IF, and can be used in dual frequency observation mode. As shall be seen, the balanced arrangement provides a high level of(More)
Various theories and numerical simulations support the conjecture that the ubiquitous problem of anomalous electron transport in tokamaks may arise from an electron gyro-scale turbulence driven by the electron temperature gradient. To check whether such turbulence is present in plasmas of the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX), measurements of(More)
COMPACT IGNITION TOKAMAK PHYSICS AND ENGINEERING BASIS. The Compact Ignition Tokamak (CIT) is a high-Beld, compact tokamak design whose objective is the study of physics issues associated with burning plasmas. The toroidal and poloidal field coils employ a copper-steel laminate, mamrfacmred by explosive-bonding techniques, to support the forces generated by(More)
The plasma material interface in Demo will be more challenging than that in ITER, due to requirements for approximately four times higher heat flux from the plasma and approximately five times higher average duty factor. The scientific and technological solutions employed in ITER may not extrapolate to Demo. The key questions to be resolved for Demo and the(More)
Simultaneous bursts of energetic particle mode (EPM) and toroidicity-induced Alfvén eigenmode (TAE) activity that correlate with significant fast-ion loss are observed in beam heated plasmas. Three-wave interactions between these modes are conclusively identified, indicating fixed phase relationships. This nonlinear coupling concentrates the energy of the(More)
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