Sarpreet Singh

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Cloud computing is a new computing paradigm in which an application can run on connected Cloud Server instead of local server. Cloud computing provides efficient data storage, resource sharing and services in a distributed manner with great ease. However Cloud computing is having issues like security and privacy of data when sensitive data is stored under(More)
Cloud computing refers to a set of services and resources offered to its consumers through internet. The user data and applications software shift to highly optimal data i. e. cloud. Either it may be a small or medium business infrastructure must focus on resource and information sharing among various users due to minimization of infrastructure cost. Cloud(More)
Grid computing has emerged from category of distributed and parallel computing where the heterogeneous resources from different network are used simultaneously to solve a particular problem that need huge amount of resources. Potential of Grid computing depends on my issues such as security of resources, heterogeneity of resources, fault tolerance &(More)
Grid computing is a high performance computing environment to solve larger scale computational demands. Grid computing contains resource management, scheduling, security problems, information management and so on. Scheduling is the use to achieve high performance in grid environments. This paper explains one of the large growing optimization algorithms, the(More)
Parallel turbo decoding is becoming mandatory in order to achieve high throughput and to reduce latency, both crucial in emerging digital communication applications. This paper explores and analyzes parallelism techniques in convolution turbo decoding with the vertibi and MAP algorithm. A two-level structured classification of parallelism techniques is(More)
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