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Retrotestosterone (17beta-hydroxy 9beta 10alpha androst 4-en 3 one) (RT), testosterone propionate (TP), and a combination of TP and RT were administered to adult male rats in order to study the effects of such treatment on male sex organs and spermatogenesis. Although TP treatment did not produce significant reduction in testis weight, RT and RT+TP did. (More)
ease is otherwise when too many people collect in a village and use the tank both for bathing and drinking purposes. Moreover, when there is.a collection of people in a village, there is a chance of a carrier arriving from outside. It appears that something of the kind happened in this case. On the 24th February, which was the day of the marriage, two of(More)
Importance of the question of the relative liability of the Hindus and Mahomedans as well as different Hindu castes to Malarial infection. For the hist few years minds of the Bengalee politicians and thinkers appear to have been much exercised over the question whether in Bengal proper the Mahomedans are not steadily gaining from year to year a numerical(More)