Sarolta Gáspár

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INTRODUCTION/AIM Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair requires a surgical mesh implanted in intraperitoneal position. The combined, double layer meshes are promising in animal models as well as in human practice. The aim of this study was to compare the biological behaviour of two different textured silicone covered polypropylene mesh. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
Whisky (25-50 ml) increased plasma levels of immunoreactive calcitonin (iCT) in seventeen of nineteen patients with chronic renal failure. The effect was greater in patients with high levels of iCT than in those with normal levels. Changes in plasma iCT were not related to changes in calcium, phosphate or immunoreactive gastrin, but were inhibited by the(More)
From weeks 13 to 26 of fetal life human hypophyses disclosed a constant content of radioimmunoassayable FSH. Although present already before this period, LH content increased considerably at week 17, along with the appearance of free beta-LH. In long-term organ culture experiments such early differentiating pituitaries proved to be endowed with autonomous(More)
We studied the effects of bilateral nephrectomy on bone metabolism in 27 patients on maintenance hemodialysis. After nephrectomy plasma alkaline phosphatase fell rapidly in 10 patients whose preoperative plasma levels had been higher than normal. This fall was associated with a transient decrease in osteoblast counts of iliac-bone biopsies. A fall in plasma(More)
The amino acid sequence of salmon calcitonin (SCT) differs considerably from that of the human hormone and specific antibodies (Ab) develop in a significant proportion of patients after parenteral or nasal administration of SCT. Controversy remains regarding the functional importance of these Ab. We report on the development of specific anti-SCT Ab in a(More)
Twenty healthy males were randomly divided into three groups. Each subject received either 405 mg elemental calcium (Ca) as a salt linked to an amino acid precursor, 405 mg CaC12 or 1000 mg Ca as Ca gluconolactate and carbonate. In all three cases, Ca intake led to an increase of serum Ca and TCT production and a decrease of PTH liberation. However, when Ca(More)
In order to evaluate the potential inhibition of the acute anti-osteoclastic activity of salmon calcitonin (SCT) by specific antibodies (Ab), we compared the SCT-induced hypocalcemic effect in young male rabbits with significant titers of high affinity Ab and in matched animals without Ab. Immunization of rabbits was performed by repetitive s.c. injections(More)
Intraperitoneal surgical mesh implantation is required for laparoscopic ventral hernia repair. Composite meshes are well known in animal models and human practice. The aim of our study is to compare the biological behaviour of two different textured silicone-covered polypropylene meshes. Transmural abdominal wall defect was created in 40 rabbits and treated(More)
The clinical and physiological relevance of the relationship between gastrin and calcitonin has been investigated in normal subjects and in patients suffering from gastritis or duodenal ulcer. Basal plasma levels of calcitonin are increased in these patients but there is no significant relationship between calcitonin and gastrin levels. Acute pentagastrin(More)