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Secure routing in wireless ad hoc network has been an active area of research and in recent years, a number of secure routing protocols have been introduced. These solutions may be classified as proactive, reactive, and hybrid based on the routing information update mechanism deployed. Studies reveal that the reactive (on-demand) ones often outperform the(More)
Round Trip Time (RTT) behavior of TCP causes self similarity. In Network traffic we observe Multi fractal nature due to RTO. The mechanism of fast recovery and fast retransmits improved and reduces the performances in network traffic. It is difficult to suggest an appropriate RTO algorithm for TCP, which mostly affect data transfer delay and congestion(More)
Among various properties of social network, one of the important properties is to study strong community effect where social entity in a network forms a group which is closely connected. Groups formed out of such properties are communities, clusters, cohesive subgroups or modules. The authors have observed that individuals interact more frequently within a(More)
A map has to be designed to show the directions and the objects present in a specific area. So, it is necessary to visit each and every points of that area. For that a Space Filling Curve can be used. SFC can visit all the points present in a multi-dimensional data base. A spatial query can select geographical features based on location or spatial(More)
Ad-hoc cloud computing now a days has become one of the most talked about technologies in terms of cost and computational promises it present to the enterprise. The foundation of ad-hoc clouds relies on the fact that the cloud setup distributes itself over resources harvested from mobile devices in operation. In such a scenario, routing between the devices(More)
Finding of frequent sub-graphs is an important operation on graphs and it is defined as detection of all sub-graphs that appear frequently in a set of graphs. This paper proposes detection of frequent sub-community graph from n-set of community graph of villages; are useful for characterizing community graph sets, finding difference among groups of(More)
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