Saroj Suvanasuthi

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A case of cutaneous Mycobacterium fortuitum infection after receiving an amateur tattoo is reported. A few days after tattooing, an otherwise healthy 25-year-old Thai male presented with multiple discrete erythematous papules confined to the tattoo area. He was initially treated with topical steroid and oral antihistamine without improvement. Skin biopsy(More)
BACKGROUND Even though proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are commonly used in clinical practice, a limited number of studies are available about cutaneous adverse reactions from PPIs, and most of these are case reports. OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the pattern of cutaneous reactions related to PPI usage and to evaluate the risk of developing PPI drug eruptions(More)
Hair transplantation surgery is indicated for the patients with male-pattern baldness that is unresponsive to medical treatments. This procedure can be performed in two different approaches. The first one is the strip harvesting technique; a strip of scalp is removed under local anesthesia and then cut into single follicular units, which are then(More)
A 23year-old Thai female presented with skin laxity and delayed wound healing. Physical examination revealed asymmetry of face and hypertelorism of both eyes. Microtia of right ear, right periauricular pit, multiple fish mouth and cigarette paper scars were found. There were hyperextension of elbows and knees, 10 degrees and 15 degrees, respectively,(More)
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