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With climate change, pea will be more frequently subjected to heat stress in semi-arid regions like Saskatchewan during flowering. The pollen germination percentage of two pea cultivars was reduced by heat stress (36°C) with an important decrease in cultivar 'CDC Golden' compared to 'CDC Sage.' Lipids, protein and other pollen coat compositions of whole(More)
  • Bibhudendra Acharya, Girija Sankar Rath, Sarat Kumar Patra, Saroj Kumar Panigrahy, Sarat Kumar, Patra +2 others
  • 2007
In this paper, methods of generating self-invertible matrix for Hill Cipher algorithm have been proposed. The inverse of the matrix used for encrypting the plaintext does not always exist. So, if the matrix is not invertible, the encrypted text cannot be decrypted. In the self-invertible matrix generation method, the matrix used for the encryption is itself(More)
Biosensors would benefit from further miniaturization, increased detection rate and independence from external pumps and other bulky equipment. Whereas transportation systems built around molecular motors and cytoskeletal filaments hold significant promise in the latter regard, recent proof-of-principle devices based on the microtubule-kinesin motor system(More)
A total of 938 faecal samples (461 cattle calves, 264 buffalo calves, 55 lambs, 116 kids and 42 piglets) from different livestock farms and individual small holdings in six targeted states of India were collected and screened by modified Ziehl–Neelsen staining technique to determine the prevalence of Cryptosporidium spp. and its association with age, sex,(More)
Lab-on-a-chip systems with molecular motor driven transport of analytes attached to cytoskeletal filament shuttles (actin filaments, microtubules) circumvent challenges with nanoscale liquid transport. However, the filaments have limited cargo-carrying capacity and limitations either in transportation speed (microtubules) or control over motility direction(More)
The image mining technique deals with the extraction of implicit knowledge and image with data relationship or other patterns not explicitly stored in the images. It is an extension of data mining to image domain. The main objective of this paper is to apply image mining in the domain such as breast mammograms to classify and detect the cancerous tissue.(More)
Mammogram–breast x-ray is considered the most effective, low cost, and reliable method in early detection of breast cancer. Although general rules for the differentiation between benign and malignant breast lesion exist, only 15 to 30% of masses referred for surgical biopsy are actually malignant. In this work, an approach is proposed to develop a(More)
BACKGROUND Introduction of effective point-of-care devices for use in medical diagnostics is part of strategies to combat accelerating health-care costs. Molecular motor driven nanodevices have unique potentials in this regard due to unprecedented level of miniaturization and independence of external pumps. However motor function has been found to be(More)
Molecular approaches supporting identification of Eimeria parasites infecting chickens have been available for more than 20 years, although they have largely failed to replace traditional measures such as microscopy and pathology. Limitations of microscopy-led diagnostics, including a requirement for specialist parasitological expertise and low sample(More)