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A fully acetylated, soluble CO preparation of mean DP of ca. 7 was perceived with high sensitivity by M. truncatula in a newly designed versatile root elicitation assay. The root system of legume plants interacts with a large variety of microorganisms, either pathogenic or symbiotic. Understanding how legumes recognize and respond specifically to(More)
Antipsychotic drugs have been used to treat patients with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Long-acting injectable antipsychotic drugs are useful for improving medication compliance with a better therapeutic option to treat patients who lack insight or adhere poorly to oral medication. Several long-acting injectable antipsychotic drugs are(More)
The long-term controlled delivery of drugs has been successfully achieved by biodegradable polymeric particulate systems. The drug release testing method is important for the characterization of dosage form performance under in vitro standardized conditions and can provide insight into the in vivo performance of the drug product. In vitro drug release(More)
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