Sarmad Sadik

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Teamwork among software agents is an active research area in the agent community. Researchers are working to define efficient teamwork architecture but a limited progress has been made towards efficient task execution mechanisms by group of agents in collaboration and coordination with each other. We have developed a teamwork architecture to enhance the(More)
Disaster management systems are complex applications due to their distributed and decentralized nature. Various components execute in parallel with high need of coordination with each other. In such applications, interaction and communication issues are difficult to model and implement. In this paper, we have proposed agent-based Earthquake Management(More)
Earthquake is a natural phenomenon which has resisted the major efforts to tackle it. The major problems in earthquake management are inefficient communication, complex interaction as well as lack of coordination and prompt service delivery in advent of earthquake. Software agent based systems are more suitable alternative to the available technologies. In(More)
act Mobile Agents research is an active n the agent community. Researchers are g to define efficient mobility architecture bile agents in multi agent systems but a progress has been made towards how to mobile operations efficient and enhance xecution mechanisms at target machines. ve used Policy based approach in FIPA iant multi agent system to improve the(More)
Policy based ontology work is gaining wide attention in semantics related research community. Mobile agents using policy based framework exhibit more adaptive and flexible behavior. Policies which are rule based statements consisting of conditions and actions have some limitations such as interoperability, policy definitions, as well as representation. We(More)
Cloud computing is a promising business and computing model. The cloud storage is an essential and most used service, which provides stable and massive data storage space to end users. In this research work, new private cloud storage architecture is proposed with decentralized indexing which is based on peer to peer network. The proposed cloud architecture(More)
Cloud Computing is one of the important emerging technologies, which is considered as computing infrastructure of the next generation. Mobile cloud computing is a research paradigm that integrates cloud computing into mobile computing. This integration raises many challenges like performance, battery time, efficiency, network bottlenecks etc. In this paper,(More)
Smartphones are overwhelmingly considered as one of the most viral technological advancements in handheld and mobile computing. A wide array of companies are directly or indirectly incorporating new smartphone platforms and hence continually enhancing their features to wholly new levels. However, the incorporation on the most basic `ease of use for all'(More)