Sarmad Sadik

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Wide use of web services has dominated the software industry. Providing web services to its consumers according to Service Level Agreement (SLA) is complex and difficult task. Failure to provide web services against agreed quality of service (QoS) parameters i.e., unavailability of web services and slow response time will cause increase in penalties. This(More)
– Smartphones are overwhelmingly considered as one of the most viral technological advancements in handheld and mobile computing. A wide array of companies are directly or indirectly incorporating new smartphone platforms and hence continually enhancing their features to wholly new levels. However, the incorporation on the most basic 'ease of use for all'(More)
Being an ardent supporter of high-quality research in emerging technologies, I view the efforts of MASSGO6 Workshop Team with profound appreciation. Setting the stage for an activity of such stature in a relatively short span of time, indeed, reflects the organizers' true zeal and commitment. The impact of a research conference or workshop is directly(More)