Sarma Venkataraman

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Information security has been a growing concern over the past few years. During the last few decades, the importance of security throughout the network and internet society has been growing constantly. These days strategic user agencies have also realized the growing importance of information security not only for strategic and government bodies but also(More)
Automatic target recognition (ATR) from satellite imagery involves detection of foreground (FG) objects from the background (BG). ATR demands higher fidelity, which in turn requires more bitrate, hence a conventional compression, which does not discriminate targets with the background results in poor detection rate. Here we propose a mechanism to achieve(More)
E-mail Security has been a growing concern over the past few years. The average individual, who uses e-mail naively believes that their e-mail is private and secure. The electronic world is filled with snoopers who can access all types of data over the network. As the world goes digital, with more and more raw information about individuals available(More)
Privacy Homomorphism, a cryptographic scheme that would allow the third party processing of encrypted data without access to any plaintext or private key information. The Modified Rivest Scheme (MRS) is an additive homomorphic scheme which has been of late used in many applications requiring the third party processing of encrypted data. Hence MRS fits in to(More)
Trust is a soft security solution for Ad-hoc Wireless Networks such as Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs), Wireless Sensor networks (WSNs). Due to openness of the networks a malicious node can easily join and disrupt the network. Trust models are used to discriminate between legitimate and malicious nodes in the network. The characteristics of MANETs and WSNs(More)
Majority of the homomorphic encryption schemes which are been used in many applications are asymmetric, required for the third party processing of encrypted data. Hardly few symmetric homomorphic schemes been proposed, most of them have been cracked. The Iterated Hill Cipher (IHC) is an additive symmetric homomorphic scheme. A novel generalized recurrence(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are usually deployed in insecure remote and open environments. Nodes could be attacked and compromised. The attacker can use compromised sensor nodes to disrupt communications or inject misleading sensor values. Misleading data can corrupt the entire decision making process, which depends upon WSN data. We propose a trust(More)
Quasigroups are algebraic structures closely related to Latin squares which have many different applications. The construction of block cipher is based on quasigroup string transformation. This article describes a block cipher based Quasigroup of order 256, suitable for fast software encryption of messages written down in universal ASCII code. The novelty(More)