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One of the most important prerequisites in base plan for long-term development of all countries is high education level in society what includes e-learning studies. The time is coming when global tasks could be solved only with communication and learning in world level. Ontological engineering have become an efficient methodology for knowledge(More)
A number of recent studies are trying to improve the quality and effectiveness of e-learning using principles of several research areas. This trend of personalization development also appears in e-learning. One of the ideologically closest fields of science is knowledge management (KM). The aim of this article is to identify overlapping points of KM and(More)
As an alternative for full-time studies different forms of education which are possible to combine with work and family life are strategically being developed worldwide. E-learning is one of these development directions. Distance learning using modern technologies, becomes more and more popular but not always these approaches are successful because there is(More)
Information technologies in today's world function as support net for sharing knowledge and information coming more important as well as promoter of mutual cooperation when it comes to development of further education of adults. Because of a passive cooperation between educational institutions and enterprises, society is still in search of approaches and(More)
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