Sarla Pareek

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Fuzzy set theory is primarily concerned with how to quantitatively deal with imprec ision and uncertainty, and offers the decision maker another tool in addition to the classical deterministic and probabilistic mathematical tools that a re used in modeling real-world problems. The present study investigates a fuzzy economic order quantity model for(More)
We develop a two-warehouse production model with imperfect items. Production rate is taken as the linear combination of on-hand inventory and demand, while demand rate is taken as function of time. Most of the researchers consider that the production rate is independent from the demand rate. In this paper we assume production rate as being dependent on the(More)
In this study, an inventory model for deteriorating items with multivariate demand and variable holding cost is developed. The facility of allowable delay in payment is also taken into consideration. During this period retailer can use the ensued money from sales of the supplied goods to earn interest. Demand rate is a function of on hand inventory and(More)
In this chapter, the two-warehouse inventory problem is considered for deteriorating items with constant demand rate and shortages under inflationary conditions. In today’s unstable global economy, the effects of inflation and time value of money cannot be ignored as it increases the cost of goods. To safeguard from the rising prices, during the inflation(More)
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