Sarkar Sharan Mehta

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The hypersonic missile control in the terminal phase is considered and addressed using higher order sliding mode control techniques. The third order sliding mode controller that comprises the continuous finite reaching time controller driven by the continuous higher order siding mode disturbance observers have been proposed, designed and studied. The(More)
This paper presents the application of Probabilistic Neural Networks (PNN) for the classification automatic detection of QRS-complexes in Electrocardiogram (ECG). Raw ECG signal contains the power line interference and baseline wander. This can be removed by using Digital filtering techniques. For the QRS-detection, Probabilistic Neural Networks is used as(More)
Application of Support Vector Machine (SVM) for QRS detection in single lead and 12-lead Electrocardiogram (ECG) using entropy and combined entropy criterion is presented in this paper. The ECG signal is filtered using digital filtering techniques to remove power line interference and base line wander. SVM is used as a classifier for detection of QRS(More)
This paper presents a new classification scheme for the automatic detection of QRS-boundaries in Electrocardiogram (ECG) using Probabilistic Neural Networks (PNN). Digital filtering techniques are used to remove power line interference and baseline wander present in the ECG signal. PNN is used as a classifier to delineate QRS and non-QRSregions in(More)
This paper is an attempt for the delineation of QRS-boundaries in electrocardiogram using Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN) and entropy criterion. Delineation is helpful for the analysis of ECG signal. For the determination of QRS-boundaries, delineation process is applied to the ECG signal. Delineation process is applicable only when detection of(More)
Software process models are descriptive and diagrammatic form of the software life cycle. Software life cycle models provide a descriptive way to perform the various activities which are necessary during a software product development from scratch or even at some level of maintenance. In software process models the main focus has been drawn on the(More)
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