Sarjit S. Bharj

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The 1 Kilo-Watt Amplifier Pulsed amplifier has been designed and tested for driving a Klystron power amplifier. The amplifier consists of a Class A multistage, single ended pre-driver using commercially available MESFET devices and consists of bias sequencing and voltage regulation. The 30 dB gain Amplifier operates from a single supply. The pre-driver is(More)
An S-band, full-duplex, multi-channel, transmit/receive (T/R) module has been designed, developed, and produced in large quantities for phased array satellite ground station applications. The satellites, in LEO, MEO, and GEO orbits, need a global network of such stations to serve as gateways for tracking, telemetry, and command (TT&C) operations and/or(More)
A method for in situ evaluation of the health and status of individual array elements within a large phased array has been developed and demonstrated at the subarray level. The technique utilizes a special radiating element located in the center of each subarray. This center element is fed with a “reverse” T/R module that operates in the(More)
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