Sarita Mazzini Bruschi

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This paper presents two extensions for Statecharts: the Stochastic Statecharts, which use the original statecharts notation with a minor modification in the formal semantics and the Queuing Statecharts, which do not follow the pure Statecharts notation, but a join between Statecharts and queuing network representations. Some basic elements of Statecharts(More)
This paper presents the performance evaluation of a CMB (Chandy-Misra-Bryant) protocol from the perspective of execution time. The performance of each logical process in simulation is measured. Our evaluation shows that logical processes can have different behaviors and different protocols can be used simultaneously in simulations. While some logical(More)
Web Services are a technology based on the Service Oriented Architecture that enables communication between applications through the Internet. Using Web Services, it is possible to send any type of information in any form of encryption. In this context, different techniques have been used to attach binary files in SOAP messages. However, there is no(More)
Developing a sequential simulation program is not an easy task. Developing a distributed simulation program is harder than a sequential one because it is necessary to deal with mapping physical processes into logical processes, communication and synchronization problems and learn another simulation language/library. In literature, several simulation(More)
This paper aims to propose the GreenMACC, an extension of MACC architecture (Metascheduling Architecture To provide QoS in Cloud Computing) aimed at providing QoS in a structure green computing services in a private cloud. To test the new proposed architecture, this paper presents a performance evaluation of policies of the four stages of scheduling with a(More)
Two new performance indices (PIV Performance Index Vector and WPIV – Weighted Performance Index Vector) are presented in this article. Those indices to evaluate heterogeneous computing systems are based on a Euclidian metric. Aiming to maximize the use of the machines, the proposed indices are a combination of several usual indices and the results of their(More)
This article aims to evaluate the flexibility of GreenMACC (Metascheduling Green Architecture to Provide Quality of Service in Cloud Computing). The GreenMACC has a module called LRAM (Local Resource Allocation Manager) to automate the execution of all scheduling policies implemented in the architecture. This module enables the Meta-scheduler automatically(More)
Cloud Computing is the industry whose demand has been growing continuously since its appearance as a solution that offers different types of computing resources as a service over the Internet. The number of cloud computing providers grows into a run, while the end user is currently in the position of having many pricing options, distinct features and(More)