Sarita Mazzini Bruschi

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This paper presents the performance evaluation of a CMB (Chandy-Misra-Bryant) protocol from the perspective of execution time. The performance of each logical process in simulation is measured. Our evaluation shows that logical processes can have different behaviors and different protocols can be used simultaneously in simulations. While some logical(More)
This paper presents two extensions for Statecharts: the Stochastic Statecharts, which use the original statecharts notation with a minor modification in the formal semantics and the Queuing Statecharts, which do not follow the pure Statecharts notation, but a join between Statecharts and queuing network representations. Some basic elements of Statecharts(More)
Developing a sequential simulation program is not an easy task. Developing a distributed simulation program is harder than a sequential one because it is necessary to deal with mapping physical processes into logical processes, communication and synchronization problems and learn another simulation language/library. In literature, several simulation(More)
The teaching of computing involves many basic subjects, which are the basis for an effective learning. The teaching of memory hierarchy and, particularly, virtual memory is a great challenge, because both consider different structures, functionalities and performance. Open Educational Resources (OER) have been successfully applied to help the teaching and(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach for the implementation of simulation scenarios, providing a client entity for cloud computing systems. The client entity allows the creation of scenarios in which the client behavior has an influence on the simulation, making the results more realistic. The proposed client entity is based on several characteristics that(More)