Sarita J. Robinson

Lucy J L Rollings1
Sandra I. Sünram-Lea1
P Jane Owen-Lynch1
Sandra I Sünram-Lea1
1Lucy J L Rollings
1Sandra I. Sünram-Lea
1P Jane Owen-Lynch
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BACKGROUND During emergencies maladaptive behavior can reduce survival. This study compared the effects of a basic firefighter training course on 21 volunteers (with no firefighting experience) with age and gender-matched controls. METHODS Stress reactivity (salivary cortisol and anxiety) were monitored across the course: day 1 (classroom), day 2(More)
Acute stress has been associated with changes in cognitive performance and mood, and these have been in part associated with stress-related increased release of cortisol. Both glucose and caffeine consumed in isolation have been shown to moderate cortisol response and affect cognitive performance and affect mood; however, there has been very little research(More)
Associative learning underpins behaviours that are fundamental to the everyday functioning of the individual. Evidence pointing to learning deficits in recreational drug users merits further examination. A word pair learning task was administered to examine associative learning processes in ecstasy/polydrug users. After assignment to either single or(More)
Although it is widely known that memory is enhanced when encoding and retrieval occur in the same state, the impact of elevated stress/arousal is less understood. This study explores mood-dependent memory's effects on visual recognition and recall of material memorized either in a neutral mood or under higher stress/arousal levels. Participants' (N = 60)(More)
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